Benefits of Business Class Flights

Most professionals who are required to travel long distances either domestically or abroad tend to fly business class. The reason is there are many benefits of business class flights. Most airlines these days offer such accomodation as they recognize that a good portion of their passengers are business men and women. Business class flights offer a more comfortable experience than economy class however less luxury than first class. One of the many benefits of business class flights is they are cheaper than first class whilst offering many more amenities than economy.

Business people who travel generally have a lot to contend with in a 24 hour period. Often they have to travel long distances, fly to new locations, represent their company, communicate with head office and representatives of other companies and so on. Flying is a time consuming activity and that’s where the benefits of business class flights can make a difference. If the businessman is on a long flight, he will be able to properly recline to rest of during the flight. Depending on the airline, business class seats can vary in their recline angle from 140 degrees to 180 degrees.

There are three types of seats that come with the benefits of business class flights. They are:

  • Cradle Seats – These types of seats offer an angle of recline around 160 degrees.
  • Angled Seats – These seats allow a recline angle of between 140 and 170 degrees.
  • Flatbed Seats – A flatbed seat offers the business class passenger a full 180 degree flat angle that is parallel to the floor.

Another benefits of business class flights is you’ll be seated sooner than the crowd of economy passengers. You check in at a different location and are privvy to more luxurious waiting areas. For example, some business class waiting sections offer shower and nap rooms, as well as access to the internet and more private eating areas.

The benefits of business class flights for the busy professional includes a better selection of food and entertainment. Drinks are usually free, and you can order your food in advance from a pre-order menu. In terms of entertainment, you can request a portable DVD player or take advantage of the on-board audio/video systems. Since you’ll have a lot more space, if you can plugin your laptop and access the internet or get a bit of work done before your luxurious nap.

If that weren’t enough, more benefits of business class flights include being one of the first on and off the plane. So, if you are travelling abroad, you’ll be one of the first inline to get through customs. It can be a very exhausting experience flying abroad, especially if it’s a long haul and you are travelling over several time zones. Taking advantages of the benefits of business class flights will be well worth the cost as you’ll be more relaxed, have time to prepare for meetings when you arrive, suffer less fatigue than if you were cramped in economy class, and enjoy many of the same benefits of the costlier first class fares.